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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it. they say it exploded. look at the damage it caused. the flames were pretty big. they were able to save the house. >> my sister charged the hover board, she stood on it and it started popping and tried to drag it out the front door before it explode before she got to the front door. >> hover bars have captured the government's attention. the consumer product safety commission is investigating. amazon come has pulled hover periods from the website because of safety concerns. there have been 11 reported fires. in continue states. the good news is brentwood, no one was hurt. >> developing news in gilroy a police officer is on leave after
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shooting left a map dead. the officer was responding to a domestic violence call at a home near gilroy high school. he found the couple involved in a violent fight and shot man. it is not clear if the man was armed. our reporter, matt keller is at the strength with more on what we are lending of the officer and the suspect at the to which the hour. >> a san jose teen is recovering from a gunshot wound she got while confronting the man who while confronting the man who stole her car. and saw her car stolen before her eye but it did not stop. the teen and her friend, drove after the thief and they caught up to him and after a brief confrontation the suspect opened fire. this happened last night after 6:30 and down the street from a
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busy shopping center. it is surprising with the amount of people walking their dogs and strollers. it is a calm neighborhood and a calm park so something like this is very rare. all the suspect ran off, the stolen car was found abandoned nearby and this morning, san jose police investigate the carjacking and shooting investigation. campbell police are trying to track down a sexual predator who targeted would girls and a woman in south by. police would like to you look at this sketch, all three happening in the past eight weeks. investigator say a man tried to lure two middle schoolgirls into his truck. a woman also report add man exposing himself while sitting in his trunk. if you know anything, call campbell police. >> new details this morning on what might have driven an accused killtory go on a shooting rampage at an oakland university. the 47-year-old is accused of murdering seven people in 2012
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at the university. at a hearing yesterday afternoon, his southeastern said three was doing well at the school until he became suspicious that teachers were given test results to all students but him and the thoughts were based on paranoid delieus not reality. >> three teens in newark are in big trouble after a rank led to their arrest. they threw a large rock at the swat have a van. it shattered the window and hit the driver who suffered a severe head injury. you can see blood on the photo. police say the teens admit throwing the rock and said they were sorry for hurting the officer. >> van police are searching for a woman who tried to set two other people on fire near union area square when a woman let a match behind the 72 and 74-year-old woman. the suspect pushed the ladies and the street. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. >> jahi mcmath's father is
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suing the hospital who he believed botched the surgery. she had nose and throat surgery at the children's hospital and she had a heart attack dug the discovery and was declared brain dead. jahi mcmath is at a hospital in new jersey on a ventilator although the county issued her death certificate. her family insists she is alive and celebrated the 15th product to months ago. the mother filed a similar lawsuit. >> seattle is the first city in the country to allow drivers for companies like ununto unionize. the city council approved the vote last night. drivers are usually considered independent contractors. not employees. that means they are not entitled to overtime or mileage reimbursement. san francisco based uber and lyft both believe that proposal violates federal labor law. >> attention union square shoppers a big change kicks off. not to the high end stores but outside them. the san francisco shops have banned together to create union
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square cares, basically asking people would want to help the homeless to donate to social service agencies rather than giving cash to panhandlers. >> individuals that are in need who have adifficulties or men steal ill. >> a dozen union square cares ambassadors have been hired to spread the word and a new hopeless outreach worker specifically dedicated to the area. >> there is a new billboard warning of the effects of el nino that read this freeway will be underwater during the next el nino and the map shows where flooding is likely. you can see a lot of the silicon valley companies are in the flood plain. the bill bars are designed to raise awareness of how the storms could affect critical infrastructure as well as freeways and how high-tech companies will deal with it. >> we are at storm 3 for a few
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day but not frost free, it is cold the. >> it is cold. that is a good call. we are going to keep watching places like san francisco to see how cold it is going to get like ocean beach, 42, park presidio, 42, lake merced is had 4, bayview, glen park, crissy field is 45 and downtown mission, sunny side is 46 and through the ferry building it is 47 degrees. no frosty temperatures yet not on this map but we are close in places like walnut creek at 33. letten and american canyon at 35 petaluma, saratoga at 38, santa clara and palo alto at 37. union city is 38. richmond is 43 degree. right now. from the east by hill you can see the bouncing of the camera as the winds keep some temperatures up and bringing in driest air this week so total sunshine inland and in the bay at 54 to veteran and not so breezy at the coast at 53 to 55.
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san jose is about 40. total sunshine again tomorrow and upper 50s to nearly sick. more cloud and upper 50s to low 60s on thursday and friday, low-to-mid 60s and tracking several chances of rain in the seven-day outlook. i have that coming up next. >> folks are getting up and at it early. this is the east shore commute from golden gate field to the top of the screen beyond university to the maze may and we will look at the bay bridge. no delay. no metering lights. no problems. if you are headed into san francisco eastbound, we have road work. it will be picked up in another half hour. southbound on 680 toward 580, bollinger canyon, lanes are blocked but in slowing. just what they call heads up through the coach zone. eric and kristen? >> sue, thank you. dreaming of going to space? you now have a chance to make it
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a reality. after the president obama, a -- break a rare opportunity from nasa in a gal lax not far, far were. >> it is well written. i thought it would be from. it was great. >> what are they talking about? the morning after the biggest movie premieres in history. after the break, hear fan reaction to the new "star wars" movie. movie. stay tuned. mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief.
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give it a pop.
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at shocking video from oklahoma, an angry guest rammed his car into a hotel. look at that it took down the desk. you can see the women at front desk rushing out of the way before the truck rams it. no one was hurt. the driver put his hands up and walked outside a police officer arrested him. he was said to be upset because his credit card was not work his credit card was not work asking he had to pay cash. >> blast off, a russian space capsule with three astronauts are in space after a successful
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launch on the after 3:00 a.m. on a six hour journey to the international space station and scheduled to dock with the laboratory at 9:30 this morning. the crew will then spend six positives abort the space station in weightlessness. >> if you want to head into space, nasa wants you. it is looking for astronauts to train for historic missions like the first trip to mars, expect serious competition, they, when the call went out in 2011, 6,100 souls allied and nasa picked only eight. nasa will not say who they have chessen until the spring of 2017. you have for wait for the big reveal. >> but the force has the wake-up call. the red carpet was ruled out in front three theaters for premiere of the "star wars" movie "the force awakens" and we have the fan reaction. >> we spent all night in the
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heart of hollywood for the world premiere of "star wars" "the force awakens" with guests walking the red carpet including the stars like harrison ford and carrie fisher, and the storm troopers. streets of hollywood boulevard have been shut down and after parties into the night. also, some peg good fans saw the movie, some joining me now. what did you think? >> great. really enjoyed it. >> what enjoyed most? anything disappoint you? >> nothing disappoint me. the old cast passed torch on and we look forward to showing our son on friday. >> it opens later this week in 4,000 theaters nationwide. >> everything i expected. and more. and a lot spries. >> seeing all the original characters, i thought hans was phenomenal.
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there was a part that blew my mind. >> we all like the unexpected. that sounds fantastic. "the force awakens" opens on thursday night and disney hopes the film will be the first ever to make $3 billion at the box office. >> get everything you feed to make $3 billion at book -- box office. >> never seen stars rolling down the carpet. >> they were showing the premiere on with david muir and there were the 100 people in 1977 and now this many people here, nice to see. >> it will be cold. >> yes. it will be chilly this afternoon. sue mentioned your son has tickets for the midnight show. how about that? sue's son getting if in early. he will have temperatures in the
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40s when he is going and unfortunately sue will be with us on friday morning so she cannot go. i told her to go and come straight to work. here is a look at what is go on, people are asking, what is going on and we have had so much rain but since october 1 we are below average everywhere with no rain for the commute the but there is a breeze. it is running less than ten miles per hour. until you get near the bay shoreline and the ocean. remember the showers over the ocean yesterday we were watching? they have dissipated. here is the exploritorium guard the financial district of the it looks beautiful. clean air this morning. total sunshine. yes, the voice could be hoarse and your hands chapped as the dry air will arrive this afternoon. clouds and warm the build this week and open up to a busy pattern starting saturday and lasting ought way through christmas. christmas east try now is look
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west. here is a look at what is go on today. 54 to 56 degrees, across the south bay with cupertino and santa clara and san jose at 55, and up the peninsula, we have 54 to 56 degrees with palo alto the warm spot at 56, san mateo and millbrae at 54 and half moon bay at 55 degrees today, but, again, pacifica pacifica and daly city colma and sunset at 54, and downtown at 56. south san francisco, and brisbane at 55. across the golden gate bridge, 5 5 in sausalito and novato and napa at 56, santa rosa is warmest at 57. along the east bay more, oakland at 57. the cool spot is hercules at 54, and 55 in san leandro and union city and newark and berkeley. inland, our temperatures are coolest this morning and we will rebound up into about 54 to 55 degrees. we will have high chows keeping the temperature up a little bit and there could be isolated spots of fox and a lot of
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mid-to-upper 30s until san mateo and half moon bay and richmond and san francisco and san rafael, and jumping ahead to friday afternoon are into the evening hours you can see increasing clouds, but the lane will hold off until we get into 4:00 on saturday morning in the north bay, at 6:00 in the heart of the bay, and 8:00 to 9:00 in the south bay and by noon we are already seeing a tapering and by the evening hours if you head out, not much happening, so, fill take over the poeter part of the daylight hours. it makes it a weak storm impact "2" on the scale on thursday a light chance rain in the north bay and another chance on friday evening. but look at saturday, a slight chance on sunday, and another chance on monday. >> keep it coming. hopefully more snow in the sierra for the skier and badder friends. on the san mateo, no problem on the flat section. the drive time is 14 minutes from 880 to 101. on the peninsula. walnut creek southbound 680, we
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have tail lights headed to the 24 junction with in problems head out the concord and pleasanton hill a nice dry through the san ramon valley to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. the road work is still in the lanes and this is eastbound 580 from 35th should be picked up by 5:30 this morning and toward the peninsula, southbound 280 from farm hill you find various lanes are closed until 7:00 this morning. mass transit is getting out on time, great way to get to work this tuesday morning, no delays, bart is out there with 39 trans on time. >> i want to mention as we were talking about "the force awakens" wees with made by disney and disney is the owner of abc7. >> miss money could mean no christmas presents for hundreds of children in need and how you can help make sure that doesn't happen. >> you know how crazy the cost of bay area housing is?
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the crawl space being offered for rent. there are takers. >> and today's tech bytes includes registering drones for hundreds of thousands of drones that are currently delaying. if you get one as a gift you have to register with the f.a.a. registration website opening next month. >> google mapping rolling out new features had time for holiday shopping rush where you can quickly pull up the holiday hours can dates on the business of the time of day tore the retailer. >> facebook is on on the "star wars" excitement with a profile picture by click the great the "star wars" account post and pose between the blue live saver the color of the jedi. what is it going to be? >> blue, blue, blue. >> blue, blue, blue. >> those are the
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>> blue, blue, blue. >> those are the why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> uc santa cruz researchers know where thousands of sick lions are showing up suffering doctor bain damage caused by poisoning from a toxin produced by naturally occurs maureen am psychiatry, the largest ever appear. >> and donation for needy kids
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were stolen by two people hired to collect the money. the cash was donated during a fundraiser at a local restaurant in danville that was supposed to go toward buying 800 christmas gifts for kids in oakland and union city at the end of the weekend event, they, the gift wrapped donation boxes and the two people disappeared. police racked them down. >> there was to remorse. a last executions made. and no sense of responsibility for what occurred. >> over $500 has been returned but organizers say $4 the was raised. there is no a gofundme account to raise all the cash that was stolen. if you would like to help out go to >> a lot of volunteers at glide memorial church in san francisco are ready for a busy day hand out 6,000 bags of free groceries to people in need, part of the two day annual fad give an taking place in the tenderloin, bay view, chinatown, and other parts of the city.
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each bag contains a turkey, bread, vegetables, fruit and pasta. in the spirit of giving, they are still if need of food and toy donations. >> our viewers often respond and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and cold temperatures. >> absolutely. wherever you go. it is cold. it will be chilly this afternoon with low-to-mid 50s through the central valley and 55 at monterey and total sunshine and the low-to-mid 60s cross southern california and wondering about the snow pack, it is double where we were a year ago at 8 pa percent and let me show you my seven-day outlook for lake tahoe and you will notice it is going to be cold here and dry through friday and light snow on saturday and snow shower on sunday, and heavier snow starting on monday. fur hanging around here it will be good for kayaking and walking the dog and yard work but chilly this afternoon. >> and now, to shows, and northbound and southbound, looking good but headlights headed northbound is the commute
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direction at the off-ramp we are not seeing problems this early. at the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights but a couple of stars are stacked up in the right-paying cash lanes butting if to worry about just road work and we will check an area in the san ramon valley southbound 680 bollinger canyon a couple of lanes remained block to 580 interchange. kristen and eric? >> a big change is coming to this middle school, in union square, this friday, alvarado middle school will permanently become a new middle school pay be tribute to filipino americans two farm labor leaders who two farm labor leaders who joined >> cruise are cleaning up a spill in the county after 800
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gallons of fuel flowed into a big lagoon when a truck overturn on highway ohio near trinidad. a ban on fishing is in place and two ducks were spotted covered this fuel. no word on how long the clean up will take. >> california has $28 million in tax refunds that it is waiting to hand out, maybe to you. 49,000 people did not receive the row funds they are due when people change their address without notifying the we state board. the good news? income tax never expires. the money will be waiting for collection for years to come. >> this does future have to be just last year's refund or this year, if you have a refund due, it never expires so even if it was 10 or 15 years ago, give us a call, you pay have a refund waiting. >> officials say usually dresses get updated in the tax season but there are some people who for get and you can check if you have an unclaimed refund by visiting the tax board website
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or giving the agency a call. >> you may have heard of the crazy story from san francisco, a crawl space. for republican. in pacific heights. guess how much in $500. >> amazing. the techies would posted that craig's list ad have taken it down because of lets. this is a know testify the crawl space posted. you can see the techies did not eversell the description. they received interest from prospective tenants but decided to take the ad down because of antitechnical threats. they will make a decision soon on would the lucky tenant is. >> she lost her life if a tragic shooting in san francisco. next at 5:00, the death of kate steinle could bring a big change to gun laws across the bay oakland today. >> storm history r itself with the crumbling flip itself with the crumbling flip side of el nino
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. it is 5:00 a.m. and only ten days until christmas. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> starting to feel like christmas. it is cold this morning. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> good morning, nice to see you. no delays at the airports. no clouds. no radar returns. it is bone dry. no fog. from sutro tower you can see how clean the air is. the day planner is in the mid-30s to mid-40s through 7:00. mid-50s with total sunshine at noon. we hang in the mid-50s through the afternoon and fall back in the 40s by 7:00. sue? >> in fog.


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